Today on TruNews, the team ascends The Citadel, an ancient fortress standing guard over the Biblical city of Philadelphia mentioned in Revelation 3, today’s Amman, Jordan. History and Scripture come alive in observing how Christianity was shaped and propelled by first-century influences. The team also visits Amman’s well-preserved Roman Theatre, and also make a trip to the city of As-Salt, visiting several historic sites and churches. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 5/4/22. [Holy Land Day 1: Ancient Roman City and Elijah's Mountain]( [Holy Land Day 2: The City of Aqaba and the World’s Oldest Church]( [Holy Land Day 3: Wadi Musa, Moses’ Spring, and the Gateway to Petra]( [Holy Land Day 4: Explorations at Ancient Petra]( [Holy Land Day 5: From the Dead Sea to the Mosaic Churches of Madaba](
 [Holy Land Day 6: The Journey from Mount Nebo to the Jordan River]( [Holy Land Day 8: Matthew 24 and the Refuge City of Pella]( [Holy Land Day 9: Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh: New World Order Rising from World War 3 Ashes](