Consumer prices in the USA rose at a whopping annual pace of 8.3 percent in April. The inflation rate remains at a 40-year high. Housing, food, airline fares, and new automobiles were the biggest contributors to April’s shocking one-month increase in prices. As American families struggle with gasoline, natural gas, food, rent, and clothing prices soaring into the stratosphere, America’s out-of-touch-with-reality President Joe Biden blamed Vladimir Putin for skyrocketing inflation. That inflation started last year and the Biden White House and the Federal Reserve bankers called it transitory inflation. When that propaganda didn’t work, they told the American people that inflation is a good thing. Now they have changed their tune again. This time inflation is a bad thing and it was caused by Putin. The American public is not buying Mr. Biden’s nonsense. They know that prices were climbing before the Ukraine war started and that it was Mr. Biden who placed sanctions on Russian oil and gas, thus forcing energy prices to soar worldwide. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 5/11/22